Who I ama161d-fbbedf_2ac712983fca42808652258a7bb7cf65mv2.jpg

My name is Tracy Pluim and I’m a Christ follower, husband, father, teacher, sugar maker and carpenter. We live in Shoreview, MN, and, for now, we have a small homestead with 7 maple trees and a growing garden and apiary.

Why I do this

Initially, I began this journey into sugars and carpentry to see if I could. What would happen if I tapped a maple tree? How about 5? Would I be able to take care of bees? Would they survive the winter? Which tools do which tasks? How difficult is it to make a cupboard? Although I have had to learn the hard way many times, I am more excited now than ever before to explore the great unknown.

What I can do for you

If you’re interested in maple syrup, honey, or something to be made of wood, let me know!