Hive Update July 4

I tried to beat the heat this morning with a quick hive check. As usual, things didn’t go as planned. I actually only went through the hives with queens, leaving the two nucs with queen cells alone. I also began naming my queens and am in search of names for my other hives.

Queen Adeline- with the birth of my new baby girl, I decided to name one of my new queens baby Adeline. She happens to be one of the new daughters from Queen Anna, who is my best and most productive queen (more on her later). Queen Adeline continues to be a rockstar and now has packed two deeps full of bees. It may be a bit premature, but I added a queen excluder and honey super on just to see what happens.

Queen Elsa

Queen Elsa- next hive was my newest queen, the sister of Adeline and also daughter of Anna, queen Elsa. She was also doing quite well, but there were still empty frames, so I didn’t add a honey super.

Queen Anna – next I looked to see if Queen Anna needed anything. Most of the honey super frames were full, so I added another. She was still rockin’ it. Look at those awesome nearly fully capped honey frames! Even brand new frames were full of nectar!

Unnamed queen – next is the swarm that I caught last year. They were quite aggressive in early June and were quite aggressive again today, so after taking off the Vivaldi board and get a few dozen attacks, I put it back on and decided to wait. She isn’t the strongest queen, but she needs a name. Thoughts?

Unnamed queen (but it may be premature) – this is hive left who is in year two. This queen has been a bit of a roller coaster, but had been doing pretty well this year. Last week I found a bunch of queen cells and many frames full of nectar. I had added a second box last week but they had barely touched it. Anyways, I once again found more queen cups, a few being pretty good size and already capped. Usually I’d destroy these and force the queen to not storm, but I think I’m ready to move on if she’s truly unhappy. In their time off of no brood rearing, the hive will focus on honey producing, producing more for the meantime. This means that, unless she’s bluffing, I should have a swarm of bees leaving in the next few days. 😬 best case I recatch them and put them at my new bee location in White Bear.

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