Update – May 28, 2020

Can you find the new queen? She has a barely visible blue dot.

Today I was able to dive into all of my at-home hives. The three full hives were all queen cell free, meaning they were not interested in swarming, which is great! Two of them couple probably use another box with additional frames, as they’re building up again, but after taking out the Apivar strips today, I hope to just add honey supers when it’s time.

Two weeks ago I set pairs of frames with queen cells into three separate nucs. Last week I went in and saw empty queen cells, but no queens or evidence. I then added a frame of eggs in each so that they could make another queen if they needed to.

When searching the three nucs today, I was able to find evidence, then queens in the first two. You can barely see it, but in the year 2020 you mark queens with a blue dot. The two new queens seemed to be doing well, so I added a second nuc on top of all boxes. In the third nuc I couldn’t find a queen nor signs of her, so I added a couple more frames of eggs from my main hive and hope to find something next week when I check again.

Tomorrow I hope to check the other Shoreview hive in hopes it is not trying to swarm, as well as the two other nucs I made last week in hopes there is some progress with new queens.

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