Update for Me – 9/13/19

Since the honey extraction on 8/15/19, it’s gotten a lot cooler, making me nervous there wouldn’t be enough food stores for the hives. I went to Natures Nectar and got a five gallon bucket of pro sweet, two frame feeders, and a hive top feeder. Mixed with my 2 to 1 sugar syrup (and pro health), the bees took the four gallons down within 4 days on hive left, two gallons for the middle hive, and pretty much every other spot I added feed. I’ve filled them again, and the last time I checked, they’d filled open cells and had started capping it. With warmer weather (70s and 80s) in the next week, my hope is it’ll all be capped and ready for winter in the next two weeks.

When I last checked the hives, I wanted to try to even things out a bit. I’ve got two really strong hives at both sites, the middle hive at my house and hive right at my brothers. But when I looked to even things out, all of the other hives seemed to have plenty of bees for their respective locations as well, leaving me no room to add.

When I did a mite check, my middle strong hive here had no mites, which is incredible considering it’s had the same, strong queen all season. Hive left here had 4 mites but I’ve decided not to add more strips (yet). Up at my brothers, after the bear attack, I moved my two other single deep hives up there. I’ve been feeding them but I’m not sure if they’ll be okay in a single deep. I may try to stack the two hives with a solid board between them. The strong hive up there also had 4 mites, so I did use apavar strips. I’ll take them off the hive tomorrow after two weeks on.

Next step is making sure they have stores and preparing for winter. I think I’m going to try to use coroplast around the hives, plus a solar shield, insulation, and the Vivaldi boards.

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