Hive Update – When Bears Attack – 8/23/19

Very sorry that it’s been so long. Between making nearly a hundred state signs, renovating our mud room, and getting back to school, I haven’t had the time to write out the hive updates. I also have a video on extracting the honey that I just need to post.

Anyways, here is how the hives have been (this is mostly for me).

August 6th

A new queen for this hive.
Wax being made by this worker.

New queen, no eggs

Laying and doing well.
This was a group from the other Shoreview hive when Beeyoncè was on her way out. At this point it was just a queen cup.
Laying and doing well.
The swarm had a laying queen and was doing well.

Laying and doing well.

Didn’t check because it had been doing so well.

August 13

Finally a laying queen!
Pops of pollen color.
Pops of pollen color.
Laying and doing well.
Laying, but not in very useable areas.
Checked it and doing very well.
Laying and doing well.
Laying and doing well.
Still no eggs, but a virgin queen.

On the 13th I also took honey off the two main hives and the swarm. On the 14th I went to the other Shoreview hive to take some honey and check on the queen situation. I had previously put a queen in and there were eggs as well. The failed queen was axed and this virgin was waiting around.

In total I had 16 medium frames and 8 deeps of honey (post coming on that).

That leaves me to this week. Yesterday I went into all of the hives at my house to a) prep for a hive move today and b) see progress. All hives had a laying queen and were doing well overall. I moved some brood around on hopes that I could even things out a bit and get them ready for winter.

The two former nuc hives that I was going to move to Oak Grove were prepared to be moved.

I packed them up this morning, as well as some 2 to 1 sugar syrup to bring with me. As I drove into the hive area and got out, I came to this…

A bear had come through and attacked my original hive.
Three frames of bees were clinging to life on brood frames that were untouched.
It looked like a tornado had gone through.

It must have been a couple weeks ago, but a bear had found the hive and attacked. The frames and boxes were thrown about and the honey licked out. Due to it not being found until today, the frames were moldy and dirty. I ended up throwing out almost all of the frames and, after not seeing a queen, I added the three frames of bees to the weaker of the two hives that I brought up there.

The only good news is the one hive that was left untouched was doing extremely well and was reading itself for winter.

My next purchase may just be a bear fence!

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