Hive Updates – 7/20/19

This was another week of firsts for Bees and Trees. I purchased a phone tripod (okay, its really a selfie stick that had a tripod) so I’d be able to video all of our happenings. Unfortunately, the little remote that came with the tripod didn’t trigger the record button on a couple of videos so as of now, there are only three.

First is the move from three nucs to their own hives. Hive left had recently been spotted a frame of eggs to make their own queen, so I left them as is. The other two weren’t nearly as appreciative as I thought they’d be. Here’s a link to the video:

Worst Move Ever

Second video was me checking the other three hives, which ended up being just one recorded. Hive left has a great laying queen and half a super of nectar. Middle hive still has a great, laying queen and had a few frames of capped honey (more to come on this). I found the swarm hive in the same state it was last week, but missing a key component.

Swarm Hive Check

I did go up to the Oak Grove hives and believe I have a video, but I’ll have to add that at a later date.

Lastly, a kind beekeeper from North Oakes offered me to use his extractor whenever I had honey. Wanting to get the drawn out frames back on the hives for more honey, I tried my hand at using a hand-crank extractor and ended up getting almost a half gallon from just two medium frames.

Taking the Gold

Each frame had a little less than 3 lbs of honey. Today I took off 6 deep frames from the other Shoreview hive and the lightest one was about 5.5 lbs, with the heaviest being 9.3!

Can’t wait to have time to extract it in the next two days!

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