Hive Update 6/7/19

After using home hive right for eggs yesterday, I wanted to check everything over to check for swarm cells. I went out early to avoid some of the heat (77 at 8:15), but still ended up sweating all over. I was once again excited to see the progress in their second brood chamber. After looking below, I noticed the queen hadn’t laid many eggs although there was plenty of room from the brood that had hatched. There were also multiple queen cups, including a big fat one on the bottom of a frame. Doing the Vino Farms method, I took the queen and a few frames of resources and brood out and put them in a new nuc, leaving the rest of the bees to continue with the queen cups and hopefully, to create their own queen. Sorry, no pictures of any of that.

Hive left was doing okay too. If you remember back to yesterday’s update, I had put a honey super (medium box) on them, hoping they’d start building into that. No progress up there, but they were doing pretty well down below. A few small queen cups that I destroyed, hoping she’d continue and they would expand into the super.

Now for the exciting news! I went over to the other Shoreview hive to check on it.

Two weeks ago there was a scare which ended up just being drone cells. Other than some funky comb drawn up to the syrup, this hive was a thing of beauty. This queen was laying everywhere there was room. they had drawn or partially drawn out all 6 of the new frames we put in there 5 weeks ago.

The queen was relaying in the cells of newly hatched brood.

They had even capped off an impressive amount of honey/syrup.

After seeing only one very small queen cup, the decision was hard; go for honey and add a super, or reward the queen and her girls for their work with a new brood box. I decided on the latter in hopes that the long view would provide me with an incredibly strong hive that I could use to support other hives and make new queens from (queen grafting to come!).

With that, I’m excited to announce that rock-star queen is now called queen Beeyoncè!

It’s an exciting time to be a beekeeper!

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