Hive Update: 6/6/19

So, I’m about a week behind. Last week when I was up in the original hive and one of the Saskatraz, the Saskatraz had swarm cells and, after seeing a lot of drone brood, no queen, and no work done in the supers, I decided to split the original hive into 3: two nucs and a single brood box. I brought back the nucs and left the supers on the single box.

I let the left side of the nuc to make their own queen using the eggs from the original hive, and the right side of the nuc I introduced a new queen under a cage later that night.

As for my yard, hive left was full of nectar and hive right was full of brood (and a queen cup, ’tis the season!) so, I put a super on left and a brood box one the right. Here is the queen cup.

The other Shoreview hive seemed to be going fine with no swarm cells.

Now for today’s update.

I wanted to head up to my brothers to see if the Saskatraz bees were still interested in swarming and if the original hive had a queen I hadn’t seen. Here was the Saskatraz hive:

Looking pretty good! There were a few queen cups and the queen had only laid on one frame, so I destroyed the cups and added another brood box. There was a lot of packed syrup/honey, some even capped, so it may have been the queen was feeling honey bound.

The original hive was a different matter. I wore shorts for the first time with that hive and it was a BIG mistake. After opening it up they began going after me and my legs and eventually, I had to leave the area. I had at least 6 stings on my legs and one on my finger. I headed to my brothers to get pants and ice before returning to check for eggs. I should have just put it back together and left it, for taking just two frames out was enough for another group to come out and attack. I closed everything up and once again walked away. Two more stings to the top of my head (through my sweaty veil) and is had enough I clapped about a dozen dead before jumping in my car and heading away. I won’t be going in that hive unprepared again!

I headed back to my house to check on the changes with my bees. Thankfully my bees are much more calm, though I went out with sweatpants on this time.

The right side of the nuc (queen added) still had a queen but also had some queen cups. There were quite a few bees in there but they didn’t seem to be doing much.

The left side of the nuc hadn’t started any queen cells and many of the bees I originally had in there were missing. There weren’t any eggs for this hive to make a new queen from at this point, so I went to main hive right to bring in a new frame of eggs. When I opened that up, they had done great work with their new brood box. At least three new frames had been drawn out, one loaded with eggs (and the queen). I moved her over and put that egg filled frame in the left nuc. I took an empty drawn out frame in the right nuc for the queen to lay in, and the barely drawn out frame from the right nuc into hive right.

I filled up all of the syrups and peeked into hive left to see if they had been drawing out the medium frames. Although there were bees, it didn’t seem like they had drawn much out. I added a syrup to hive left in hopes that will help them work on drawing it out, hopefully without storing the syrup in those cells.

So, I have two hives with two brood boxes, two with a brood box and a super, two nucs, and another one I probably will add a brood box or super to.

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