Quick Main Hive Update 5/17/19

I headed up to my brother’s tonight to check on my main hive. As I said in the last post, I’ve been trying to request the hive after a bout of aggressive bees. I had tried a second Italian queen after they killed the first one. I put her in a mesh queen cage and sealed it up last Saturday.

When I opened up the hive tonight, I initially noticed that there were way more bees under the cage than I had put, so she had clearly made her way out. The good news was that, in all of the open cells under the cage, there were eggs in there. This was supposed to help in her acceptance into the hive.

I checked a few open frames around that frame and found no sign of her. A few more slides over I thought I saw a couple of eggs deep in a cell, but it still didn’t quite seem right. No other signs in the second layer of the hive, so I cracked open the bottom box to see if she went down right away.

After two frames of no eggs, I found her! They hadn’t killed her!

I was in a bit of a rush, so I carefully closed everything up and am ready to let it sit for at least a week.

The nuc next to it that had the queen cell in it didn’t show signs of a queen, eggs, or even the old queen cup. Patience with that one.

Next step for the main hive will be to put honey supers on it to hope we get some honey this year. There were a lot of new bees in there, so I’m sure it’s ready for a super.

Here are a few pictures of newly hatched baby bees.

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