The Trees Part of Bees and Trees

Thus far, the majority of my entries on here have been from my adventures in raising bees. This is mainly because I’m not a fan of journaling and this is the best way to keep track of what I did last year so I can go back and learn from it this year.

One area of the business that has really taken off and been completely neglected on here is my work with pallet states. I made my first state this last summer after taking a pallet from a neighbors dumpster and walking it all the way home.

I made two, one for me and one for a neighbor who was moving to Colorado, then about a month later made a couple more for my wife to post on Facebook Marketplace. It took her a while to get it posted, but at the end of November, I had my first purchase and it’s taken off from there. My initial hope was that I could sell a few to pay for the bee and maple syrup hobby, but 150+ signs later, it’s taken on a life of its own!

The original sign was our current large Minnesota. That led to different sizes of Minnesota’s, then different states, and now different state combos.

I’ve been blessed beyond measure to sell one. I’ve been able to purchase new tools, Bees, and fruit plants for the future to keep this thing going!

I’ve had my son help me,

made my own tool bench,

and have started making tables and other furniture as I learn the tricks of the trade.

A big thank you goes out to my wife for encouraging me and giving me the time to do this and work a full time job, to my dad for answering questions as a carpenter himself, friends who have given me pallets and advice, and most of all God who had blessed us beyond what we deserve.

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