Bee Update 1/5

With temps reaching 45 degrees in this unseasonably warm spell, I took a look into the hives to see how things were going. Large amounts of bee poop littered the cover, snow surrounding the hives, and solar walls. They had clearly spent time on a cleansing flight the days before. There were quite a few dead bees on the awning, so I took them off as long as the weather was warm.

When opening the hives, I’ve learned to lift the cover straight up, as condensation creates about a quarter cup of drops of water on the inside of the insulation under the top cover. Inside, the burlap was wet on the top and dry underneath. Both hives had bees and seemed to be moving about the hive freely. I’m hoping we are at least half way through winter and they still have plenty of food. I may put some dry sugar inside each hive this weekend when it’s supposed to be back in the 40s.

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