Makin’ Nucs

October 7, 2018 – (50 degrees F) As the season winds down and I leave the bees to prepare for winter, I wanted to move my nucleus (nuc) hive from a double nuc box into its own nuc box.

First, a check on the hive.

This was just after I put the mouse guard on the entrance. The bees are still very aggressive since I put in the Mite Away Quick Strips (or perhaps it’s just the winter bees).

You can see my new feeding container, which feeds up to 2 gallons. They’ve been packing it down each week.

Here are two frames packed and capped various honey from throughout the year; with light wildflower and dandelion honey on the upper corners and dark goldenrod honey towards the middle.

Can you spot the huge drone?

Still have eggs.

Now to my new nucs. Before:

And after:

Big thanks go out to my dad for inspiring me with his own carpentry work and my wife for letting me do what I love.

Next entry will probably be my final winter wrap.

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