Hive Update: Sept. 5, 2018

Now that I’m all caught up posting my notes from the past, my updates will be about what is currently happening and my thoughts and questions heading forward.

Tonight I went into the hive for my weekly check-in to make sure all is well. My goal was to check on the egg-laying/brood progress, as well as possibly seeing the queen (however I wasn’t going to focus on that, I had a lawn to mow)

Here is a short video with a worker bee in the process of hatching . And another of a drone.

It looked like each box had about three frames of brood, even down to the bottom box. The top super (where I was hoping to possibly capitalize on a goldenrod flow) was still empty after having it there for about three weeks. I’m not sure if I missed my chance, or if the hive is just still in recovery mode from being queenless.

As I moved down the hive I noticed some strange drone brood, some at the bottom of the frame, others oddly built in the middle. Regardless, I’m sure they haven’t had drones in a while, and are trying to repopulate those as well.

There were some cool frames of pollen of many colors.

Lastly, I took a few pictures to show how the top of each box looks.

You can see on this bottom one where the main cluster of bees is in the middle box. I think they are noticing the colder temps the last few days.

Moving forward, I plan on going to my brothers place Friday or Saturday to see if my other hive was able to successfully mate a queen. Regardless I will bring it home. Here’s hoping for success!

Did you know? When the queen begins to realize winter is coming, she will lay eggs to bees that will last months longer than their summer brothers and sisters. This is so they will last the winter.

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