And Things Were Great

May 9, 2018 – It has been nearly a month since I put the bees in the hive and, although I checked them each week like I was told, I finally took some pictures this time. My eldest son joined me for the first time as he faced and fears and asked more questions than I thought there were answers for.

As you can see quite clearly here, this was my first queen. Boy was she a beauty. I think, in the spirit of school starting soon, I’ll go into more of a bee educational series of posts over the next few days, but she is the larger one near the middle without the clear stripes.

This first picture highlights their first honey (under the white waxy stuff) and some nectar (the shiny stuff).

Here you see the comb that they’ve drawn out as well as some capped brood (baby bees) which is the lighter yellow stuff on the top.

This final picture highlights the progression of them drawing out the honey cone from the foundation (plastic hexagonal stuff on the right side) as well pollen (dark stuff in some of the cells) and more shiny nectar.

At this point I still only had one brood (hive) box and used another on top for the sugar syrup I was feeding them. I also have them a pollen patty to help supplement if they didn’t get enough from the early summer 😉 growth. Okay the next few posts will be explaining what most of this post meant and catching up you beginning beekeepers on some information.

Did you know? Beekeeping is not an inexpensive hobby. Most packages of bees cost between $100-150 each, and its recommended you start with two packages each in their own hive. And there is a good chance that one or both hives won’t survive the first winter. And that is just for the bees!

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