Making the Gold

March 3, 2018 – The time had finally come to turn the sap into syrup. Looking back at the timestamp, it looks like I began at 2:20 and was done at 11:35 pm. Everyone is terrible at their first time, right? Well, as you can see below, my single pot with little surface area and very little heat retention led to my 12-15 gallons of sap taking over nine hours to finish.


A few adjustments helped speed things up, but it still felt like forever out there.


Thankfully I had a few helpers who made things better. It was fun teaching them the little I knew, while watching Psych once they got cold.



It took about an hour to do two gallons, which, now that I’m looking back, was ridiculous. Fortunately, this was the end result.


First haul was about five cups of sweet golden syrup.

Did you know? Sap, like water, boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Sap turns to syrup at exactly 219 degrees. This is when the sap has a 66-67% sugar content.

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